Veterinary Receptionist Training

Veterinary Receptionist Training For The Telephone

The customer service provided by the veterinary receptionist team is a crucial factor for owners in determining which practice they choose, how often they visit and what they tell their friends. And with as much as 90% of initial client contact taking place over the phone, ensuring your team have the telephone skills required to deal with the wide range of emotions and situations the average day brings is key.

Training your front desk team in the 5 Steps with our Veterinary Receptionist Training will help them deliver an excellent customer experience for every caller, every time. It’s a simple, but proven, process that collects all the information needed for the veterinary receptionist team to do their jobs efficiently, whilst at the same time leaving callers assured that the practice clearly has their best interests (along with those of their pets and horses) at heart. The 5 Steps are:

  1. Give a great greeting
  2. Get the client’s and pet / horse’s name, get the picture
  3. Demonstrate Love – Value – Price (in that order)
  4. Give extra information: web, social media, opening hours etc.
  5. Offer an appointment or visit

Veterinary Receptionist Customer Service

This one-day telephone skills course will share practical tips to help the front desk team manage inbound calls effectively, helping them convert more calls into consultations. Potential clients are not just looking for price information when they ring; they are assessing the feel of the practice and looking to share a connection with the voice on the other end of the phone. Telephone call handling (also known as first contact resolution) is perhaps the single most important aspect of the veterinary receptionist role. The 5 Steps course will help everyone who answers the phone deliver the consistently great customer care required to connect potential clients with your practice and prompt them to book an appointment – after all, the business model for veterinary practice requires 40% of calls to small animal practice, and as much as 80% into equine practice, to be converted into paid-for consultations and visits in order to ensure profitability and business sustainability. Telephone training for veterinary receptionists should therefore be a key consideration for all practice managers and owners.


5 Steps veterinary receptionist training takes place on board Bertha bus, Onswitch’s custom-fitted mobile training venue. The course runs from 10am to 4pm, with a hearty lunch and all the tea and coffee you can drink included, along with a CPD certificate. Bertha’s schedule takes her right around the UK every three months, so there is sure to be a date and a location that suits your team. However, in the unlikely event that you can’t find a convenient session, we can even bring Bertha to your practice for a bespoke private day with your team. Course content can be tailored to meet your specific training needs and focus on the unique challenges and opportunities that exist for your practice.

CPD For Veterinary Receptionists

Every course attendee on the Veterinary Reception Training – 5 Steps telephone training day will enjoy uniquely engaging and highly interactive 5 Steps training, delivered by experienced and enthusiastic trainers.


When you buy the #First4Tickets we can bring Bertha closer to your practice when we are in your area. This makes it easier for your team to get to their CPD day, but you will have to be quick as its only the first four tickets that gets this option!

To get #First4Tickets please call 01476 565 343 and speak with Carole or Danny in the Bertha Team.

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