Managing a Veterinary Business in a Pandemic

When normal isn’t available and nobody has a rule book for managing a business in a pandemic – what do you do? The first thing to do is go back to first principles, collect data and use a proven model eg the Balanced Scorecard. This workshop will help you focus, clarify and prioritize so you can get stuff done.

Join us at the Boardroom table to learn about the Balanced Scorecard approach for managing a business.

Managing a business brings many challenges and all of us need a system to guide us to make decisions at the right time.

The Balanced Scorecard approach takes into account the four key areas in any business: customers, team, operational effectiveness and finance. By understanding each of these four key aspects of the business and investing equal team and energy into each we can better navigate the right path for the business. In this two part workshop we will introduce the Balanced Scorecard and show how this helps maintain momentum and make decisions.

In this workshop delegates will learn how to use the Balanced Scorecard approach to take stock of where they are, what’s going to change, where they need to be.

The day will cover:

– Understanding the Balanced Scorecard.

– Understand the finance figures

– Understand the client needs.

– Understand the team needs.

– Understanding the need for operational effectiveness.

– Understand where the management challenges are.

The cost of the course is £450+VAT for the day and will include CPD certificate.