Veterinary Consult Training

Veterinary Customer Service Training

The customer service that clients receive from vets in the consult room or on the yard determines how likely owners are to return to the practice, driving compliance rates with recommended treatment regimes and shaping what your clients tell their friends and family about your practice. The most clinically able and experienced vet can’t necessarily build rapport naturally with clients, but with 7 Steps veterinary consult training all vets can deliver the excellent customer service required for good business.

Veterinary Consult Training

7 Steps veterinary consult training is a simple, but highly effective, process by which vets can structure their consults to deliver great customer service alongside excellent clinical care.

The process is derived from the Calgary Cambridge model used by vet schools and medical schools worldwide, first proposed in 1996 by Kurtz, Silverman and Draper, and refreshed in 2003.


7 Steps Consult training is founded on the core principle of building an open and trusting client / clinician relationship through a standard process – asking for information and listening to the client, collecting evidence through a physical examination, explanation of findings, recommendation and planning of next steps, followed by a decisive close. The 7 Steps are:

  1. Prepare yourself
  2. Create a rapport
  3. Ask open questions
  4. Carry out an obvious pet / horse examination
  5. Make recommendations
  6. Check understanding and signpost next steps
  7. Book the next appointment or contact


The one-day 7 Steps consult training course equips attendees with the skills and knowledge to get the most out of the ten or fifteen minutes of face time with the client, ensuring that essential soft skills such as demonstrating empathy, active listening and rapport building are all built into every consultation as standard. Onswitch’s research with pet and horse owners consistently tells us that clients choose and use practices where the vet demonstrates a natural affection for, and bond with, the animal – the 7 Steps provide a practical structure for the consult that will aid relationship building and grow trust between client and vet.

Veterinary Consult Skills

7 Steps veterinary consult training takes place on board Bertha bus, Onswitch’s custom-fitted mobile training venue. The course runs from 10am to 4pm, with a hearty lunch and all the tea and coffee you can drink included. Bertha’s schedule takes her right around the UK every three months, so there is sure to be a date and a location that suits your team. However, in the unlikely event that you can’t find a convenient session, we can even bring Bertha to your practice for a bespoke private day with your team. Course content can be tailored to meet your specific training needs and focus on the unique challenges and opportunities that exist for your practice.


Every course attendee on the 7 Steps consult training day will enjoy uniquely engaging and highly interactive 7 Steps training, delivered by experienced and enthusiastic trainers.


When you buy the #First4Tickets we can bring Bertha closer to your practice when we are in your area. This makes it easier for your team to get to their CPD day, but you will have to be quick as its only the first four tickets that gets this option!

To get #First4Tickets please call 01476 565 343 and speak with Carole or Danny in the Bertha Team.

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