Site Evaluation

What is it?

Onswitch Site Evaluation involves identifying potential demand for veterinary services in a specific area of interest. With you having a particular area in mind we can use the postcode to spark the research OR we can explore the area providing it is clearly defined. The research includes:

• Demographic research into population and households, identifying the pet owner population and therefore potential need for veterinary services

• Identification and mapping of competitors in the area – who are they, how much of the veterinary demand in the area do they consume, is the area over/under vetted

• Drive-time analysis of the site location – exploring where your clients are likely to come from and the area you are required to reach

• Mystery Shop of competitors in the area – identifying any area of opportunity in the initial contact point of client experience to do better

• Online Competitor Analysis – looking at how your potential future competitors perform online and their established audience.

The Site Evaluation can be conducted and written in a two week period and we are able to deliver this for £2,000+VAT.