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At Onswitch we passionately believe that it’s not what you tell clients, it’s how you say it and how it makes them feel that really count. Our acclaimed 5 Steps and 7 Steps CPD days illustrate this perfectly – we know that you know all there is to know about neutering and diagnosing rare diseases, but if you can’t engage with an owner and empathise with every client whilst doing it, then you won’t be afforded the luxury of doing it profitably for very long.

When clients feel valued and respected by your practice, they become vocal brand advocates, telling friends and family about the great service and care you provide and bringing new clients to you. An enthusiastic client is worth her weight in gold, far more effective than expensive marketing and advertising campaigns. At Onswitch, everything we do is built around this fundamental principle – that the customer experience, and the customer journey are central to developing a successful practice.

We’re always pleased when we meet other people who believe this too, which is why we were delighted to be asked to edit the English edition of a great new book, coming soon to the UK ‘Communication in Practice – the vet manual on clienthusiasm’.

The aim of the book is simple (always good!) – by communicating more effectively you will become a better, more successful vet.

‘Communication in Practice – the vet manual on clienthusiasm’ by Roeland Wessels, Theo Lam, and Jolanda Jansen. UK edition edited by Alison Lambert, available to order from Onswitch for £38.

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