Cx Congress 2020


Friday is a focussed day that takes the delegates deeper into a single subject area. This year we are delighted that Professor Cindy Adams, University of Calgary and author of ‘Skills for Communicating in Veterinary Medicine’ will be with us all day and will deliver a full day on communication skills in difficult situations.

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in communication with customers and colleagues!

Friday 12th June 2020 – 10.00am until 5.00pm


Cindy Adams



Professor Cindy Adams

As a Professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences, Dr. Adams teaches in all 3 years of the Clinical Communication Program/Professional Skills at UCVM. She works to improve communication practices in veterinary medicine and education.

Dr. Adams has developed evidence-based communication curricula and methods for teaching, learning and evaluating communication skills across North America, UK and Australia. Her co-authored book: Skills for Communicating in Veterinary Medicine was released in 2016.

Cindy Adams will deliver four sessions that together give a full-day focus on communicating in difficult situations:

‘The building blocks of communication’

In this session Cindy will lay the foundations for effective communication, looking at the basic principles of meaningful discussion. She’ll share top tips to help you convey messages more clearly and look at the role of empathy in building trust – a key component in client communications.

‘Overcoming communication difficulties within teams’

It’s vital that we can talk to colleagues and peers with respect if we are to foster not only a positive working environment, but also improve the practice-client bond. Communicating effectively in a wide range of situations, in varying emotional states and with different personality types requires real focus if we are to be both consistent and effective.

‘What we should be saying, but aren’t’

Sometimes it’s difficult to raise topics that may be upsetting (euthanasia or poor prognoses) or perceived as challenging (overweight pets). However, when we are hesitant to communicate such subjects with our clients, we run the risk of negatively impacting on the animal’s wellbeing. In this session Cindy will help you develop confidence broaching these potentially tricky areas.

‘When we say things the owner doesn’t want to act on’

In any average week we have to ask owners to do things they can’t or won’t do – pay a large unexpected bill or agree to further testing for example. Facing into these conversations can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to – Cindy will help you develop communication techniques that frame the conversation differently, in a way that makes it easier for the client to understand and engage.

Ticket Includes:

  • Hot & cold 2 course buffet + several tea and coffee breaks
  • Congress bag and workbook
  • CPD certificate
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Both Friday and Saturday until 31st January 2020 £249 + VAT
Friday only until 31st January 2020 £129 + VAT
Saturday only until 31st January 2020 £129 + VAT

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