Recently Onswitch met with some clients at a local country pub. We have used it regularly in the past for meetings and evening events (it’s a hard life!) however, we shall be using it considerably less in the future. Probably not at all.   When we arrived we were told that all the staff in the restaurant were new that night. Perhaps not the best of ideas to shape your customer service entirely with youngsters
It’s been an interesting, and expensive, week for one member of the Onswitch team. Noticing a swollen lump on the cat’s head, our Onswitcher takes said tomcat to the vet. He can be a little bit fighty (the cat, not the vet. As far as we know) and it looked to us like a war wound abscess.   Once in the consult room, the vet says nine words. Nine! (We counted them.) The cat was
Not returning calls, being evasive and short when you finally do speak, forgetting important dates – it’s clear that this relationship is coming to an end. Except this time it’s about matters of health, not of the heart – your practice’s relationship with your customers has perhaps become rather one-sided. Through the eyes of your clients, you just don’t care any more. Maybe it’s time for them to call it a day?   Just as
Needing to book the eyes of Onswitch junior in for their annual health check, we recently contacted our local independent optician. We like to support community-based businesses wherever possible, and so we rang to make an appointment. Obviously his education comes first, and so we were looking for an appointment after 5pm. Or any time on a Saturday. Or any day or time in the school holidays. We like to be flexible you see.  
Needing a spot of pampering, we recently booked in to a salon we hadn’t used before to have a manicure and some gel nails applied. Gentlemen readers may be unaware of the many benefits of gel nails, so you may care to re-imagine this cautionary tale by substituting a monthly procedure from your own personal grooming routine, like…. erm….   Anyway, we turned up at the salon at the pre-appointed time, for the pre-booked procedure.
As Paloma Faith reminded us, not everyone we ask for advice and help tells it how it really is. From our corner of the veterinary consultancy world this seems to be particularly pertinent – we have just recently heard from several clients that they feel in their dealings with large companies offering ‘help’, all too often honesty can get clouded by contracts, whilst doing the right thing gets lost amongst selling more things.   If
Onswitch Junior needs his teenage booster vaccinations. Ringing our local GP surgery, we are informed that appointments are only available between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. When he is either at, or travelling home from, school. Taking time out of school does not appear to be an option in this era of fines and black marks for unauthorised absence, and anyway, working full time and travelling round the country is not always conducive to
First, a warning. This blog is therapy! There may be capitals! It is a venting of frustration, a means of minimising the shouting at the television and Twitter feed that has been happening rather too much recently! It also feels a lot like stating the bleedin’ obvious! If only Onswitch ruled the world…   So, at the end of August, the Friday before the Bank Holiday, Onswitch Junior complains of a sore ear, and it’s
Team Onswitch have been on the road even more than usual of late. So far, so good. Until we got to Luton.   After a hard day’s CPD, we just fancied a nice chilled glass of wine. Not an unreasonable request in a successful international chain of renowned hostelries. But there was no wine to be had. Yes, that’s right – no wine. Shurely shome mishtake?   But no, after much searching, the staff were
Recently we’ve experienced the fall-out from a process gone wrong. A no-process, a nocess, if you will. At the dentists.   We like our dentist – he is not at all pushy and does not recommend unnecessary treatments or procedures. The practice sell all kinds of tooth care paraphernalia at pretty much cost price, broadcasting the message loud and clear that we clients are paying for their time and expertise, not helping them make a