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Great people are your best asset – our acclaimed hands-on, one-day courses will help everyone in the team fulfil his / her potential and deliver an excellent customer experience every time.


You rely on data and evidence to optimise outcomes for your patients – they are just as vital when managing your business. Our powerful reporting tools help you set meaningful benchmarks and track progress.


Most business find that keeping people and processes on track requires consistent focus. Thanks to our extensive experience working with all sorts of businesses and brands, we have all the tools and insight you need!


When it comes to delivering an excellent customer experience, understanding exactly what your customers really need is key. As a corporate partner of the Market Research Society and member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, we’ll get the answers quickly, accurately and cost effectively.


When you need someone to motivate your team to achieve great things, share insights from outside your own little bubble or impart words of wisdom, our people are some of the best. (Of course we would say that, but we get invited back time and time again, which we think says it all!)

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Our clients tell us that thanks to our wide network of contacts and experience, our team are well placed to give an honest, considered appraisal of your plans. There’s no agenda, just a genuine will to help you achieve your goals.


How your practice looks and feels speaks volumes to potential clients – our creative team will help give your brand a compelling identity, and your business a powerful voice.

Cx Congress 2020

When: Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June 2020

Where: De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre, NG7 2RJ

Who: Anyone involved in customer care – reception, nurses, managers and vets

Why: The Customer Experience Matters


1 day ago


Stray marshmallow
Lovely wooden spoons
Hot chocolate
Spring lambs
Happy days
Team learning
Bertha Bus
#teamlearning #WholeTeam #CX
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2 days ago


Welcome to another week of crazy weather!
So today we are planning Easter presents for the team here at HQ and the Hotel Chocolate brochure just happened to arrive.
Always a good day when that happens!
So it made us think about what it means to be “engaged” in the workplace and with your employer or employees.
So many really well researched papers out there clearly stating that folks are engaged when they feel connection to a purpose.
They feel part of something.
To feel like they you are changing the world for the better somehow and in some way however small matters for most people.
So for our veterinary sector at the moment we have some recruitment challenges for many employers.
The data is clear.
Folks want to work in an area they know and like, often near to social network or family
They want to be part of a team that cares both for patients and people - both team and customer.
They want to be fairly paid and get time off for living their lives with family and friends.
A guaranteed lunch break and end of work day finish time is wanted.
An opportunity to learn and increase skills and knowledge is a key factor for most folks.
Feeling that you play your part on a daily basis and are valued for your input is critical for most.
And none of this is that hard really if we think about it in a different way.
What it isn’t is cake breaks if the rest isnt in place!
Pay, conditions, culture and purpose really matter.
So one to ponder this week.
Taking time to celebrate and say thank you at times such as Easter or Christmas are nice touches but you must get the essential basics right first.
One to ponder.
Have a safe week
.....off to plan those team EasterEggs
#CustomerExperience #TeamExperience #CX #TX
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4 days ago


Hello everyone
It’s a bit windy again here thanks to Storm Dennis.
So following an active discussion amongst a group of team members, about how to sort out their consulting skills, it seems appropriate to share this book and CxCongress2020 details.
It’s often very hard to find really good books about the communication aspects of being a veterinary professional

Finding work that is well researched and evidenced and practical and useful and accessible is tough.

This book is a really good place to start
Co-Written by Prof Cindy Adams who is our overseas speaker at CXCongress this year.
So check the book out it’s a great place to start.
Then check out CXCongress, come and meet Cindy and learn from her focus day on Friday and sessions in the multi stream “pic’n’mix” day.
So one to plan this weekend.

Communicating with people to help our patients is tough
It’s a skill.
It can be taught.
It has to practised like all skills.

So join us and let’s make the one thing you do 20+ times every day of the week even better
#Consults #CXCongress www.onswitch.co.uk/cx-congress-2020/
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5 days ago


Alison Lambert will be delivering three dates across Australia in May this year, we will be in:

Friday 1st May – Perth

Thursday 7th May – Melbourne

Monday 18th May – Sydney

Book online onswitchaustralia.com/australia/australia-training/ or email info@onswitchaustralia.com.

Look forward to see you there! 😊
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Small things matter
No plastic spoons on Bertha Bus
Wooden spoons 👍
Little changes that happen everyday impact our planet
Be the change that you want
#Green #Change #BerthaBus


CX Congress have announced that Professor Cindy Adams is delivering a whole day of evidence-based practical learning on Friday 12th June that will help every member of the practice team communicate more effectively in difficult situations. https://t.co/2Re6pOZjVd @OnswitchLtd

The Onswitch team has announced the schedule for its annual customer experience event, Cx Congress 2020, which will take place in June

@OnswitchLtd #VetCx20 #CxCongress #veterinary

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