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Cx Congress 2020

When: Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June 2020

Where: De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre, NG7 2RJ

Who: Anyone involved in customer care – reception, nurses, managers and vets

Why: The Customer Experience Matters


3 hours ago


Welcome to Tuesday and Shamii cats weekly insight into his daily life
Today Shamii has developed a taste for cheese!
What do you think he is saying today?
#cattitude #Shamii
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1 day ago


Good morning and welcome to Monday
Today’s Monday morning motivation is inspired by a coffee shop at Melon Mowbray station
It was a cold morning and a nice cuppa was needed, so we popped into this coffee shop
The menu was themed around the station which was a nice touch
A really small place with a friendly team and good coffee
So it made us think how do you get your practice personality across on the simple everyday messaging and notices?
For this coffee shop it was their menu that caught our eye
So for a vet practice what is it for you that looks just like every other vet practice?
How can you add a bit more “personality” into your words on line and in materials
When the world is becoming very generic and similar how do you stand out for being “You”
So review your materials, could they be anyone’s if you just change the names?
Do you say the same stuff as everyone else?
Where do you add in the essence of you ?
So your thought for the day is how do you get more of you into your everyday messages?
Have a great week
#Cx #VetCX
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4 days ago


Festive loo rolls have arrived 👍
Make a difference to your world with a simple switch to a new way to do toilet rolls
#teamonswitch have switched
Fab loo rolls
Doing a bit of good by making a simple change
Happy days

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4 days ago


Hello and welcome to the #MSHOTW! Let us know what you think to this weeks call.

P: Good morning XXX, XXX speaking how can I help?
C: Hi, we have just got a little puppy and it has been such a long time such I have had a dog, I’m not exactly sure what we need to do in regards to his vaccinations so I was just wanted to see what we need to do, how old he needs to be and how much it is and what not.
P: Sure, I’m the ops nurse and I have just grabbed the phone but let me just grab someone for you that will help you with that alright, I won’t be a moment.
C: Thanks.
P: What was your name?
C: Its XXX.
P: Ok XXX, and your puppies name?
C: Kaz.
P: Kaz, how cute. Bear with me one moment.
Talking in the background
P: Hello, sorry about that how can I help?
C: Hi yes, we have just got a puppy and I was saying to your colleague that is has been a long time since I have had a puppy, so I wanted to check what we do with injections and what not. And how much it would be?
P: Ok no problem, how old Is the puppy now?
C: He is 8 weeks
P: 8 weeks ok, and do you know if he/she has had any injections at all yet?
C: No he hasn’t.
P: None at all ok, so the course of vaccinations you would come in for one vaccination at 8 weeks of age so now would be fine, then you come back for the second injection at 12 weeks so that’s XXX for both of them together so you pay it as one. So when you come in for the second one you wouldn’t actually have to pay anything.
Then after that he is all covered for a year and then it is just the yearly booster which is a top of the vaccination that cover him for and that’s XXX once a year. Then there also kennel cough which is XXX which is sort of down to you if you want to cover against kennel cough or not really. Ok, the main vaccinations are obviously the main important ones that you get covered so he can go out and socialise with other dogs without you having to worry about him catching anything.
C: Ok that’s lovely, thank you for your help
P: Do you have any other questions at all?
C: No that’s fine thank you.
P: Ok, give us a call back if you need anymore help
C: Bye
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5 days ago


So another random “whiteboard*” moment from today’s 7 Steps Consult skills day.
Alison was on a roll and we thought we would see if you can figure out what was going on with these 2 images.
Great sessions all about creating great memories for owners, so that the consult experience is memorable in a way that enables great patient care and outcomes.
So over to you.
What is going on here?
#7Steps #CX #VetCX
*we know it’s a purple whiteboard...long story! 😜
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@OnswitchLtd @AlisonPyatt @AdeleFeakes Really nice, balanced piece by @glynelwyn and I completely agree that structural change needed. Lots of work to do in #vetsector before then though...

@OnswitchLtd @JaneRVN Agree. “Resilience training” is bollocks. At best it improves the strength of an individual for a short period of time. At worst it is victim blaming.

@OnswitchLtd @AlisonPyatt @LouiseCorah @AdeleFeakes Build it or they will rely on google first. Patients/clients are thirsty for knowledge. #engage

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