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Cx Congress 2019

When: Friday 14th and Saturday 15th June 2019

Where: De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre, NG7 2RJ

Who: Anyone involved in customer care – reception, nurses, managers and vets

Why: The Customer Experience Matters


3 hours ago


Welcome to Monday and today’s Motivational moment
Today we are inspired by a working lunch
“Working lunch” usually means a few sandwiches and maybe a bit of cake
Well this was very different
Amazing food arrived in a smart box with glass packaging in a temperature controlled pack
Lovely food and all the packaging returned for future use
So proper food
Proper cutlery
Fab packaging
No waste
Well it made us think why is this not more common?
We have just become used to doing it one way , disposable cardboard and plastic with poor food options it just needs someone to say “No there is a better way and yes it may cost more but it is better for all”
So we wondered what that might be for a veterinary practice?
What do we do because everybody does it that way even though there may be a better way?
What has become so “everyday” that we don’t notice it now and have missed the chance to be different and better?
So this week think about what you do that most practices do and then think how can we change it for the better
Think about health plans, vaccine appointments, dental examinations, euthanasia appointments and anything else that “ any vet can do”
Then re invent it!
Make it better
Start from scratch and reinvent the everyday for your customers
It’s worth some creative time
Have a lovely week
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3 days ago


Good afternoon and welcome to this weeks #MSHOTW
One of Onswitch's values is 'Collaborative' so let us know your thoughts and lets share our learnings #Collaborative

P: Good afternoon XXX Vets, XXX speaking
C: Hiya, I was just wondering how much your kitten vaccinations are please?
P: Would it be for all of them? There is the flu and enteritis that they need if they are going into the cattery, they need two two weeks apart and they are £XX.XX each one. There is another vaccine they can have with it which is the Leukemia…
C: Yeah
P: That one is a bit more expensive and that’s £XX.XX each and £XX.XX in total.
C: Okay, and erm…
P: Can I help with anything else?
C: Did you say they were two weeks apart?
P: If you are taking them into kennels you would need 5 weeks ahead in total before you take them.
C: Okay yeah.
P: Can I help with anything else?
C: No, that’s it thank you.
P: OK then, alright.
C: Thank you.
P: Thanks, bye bye.
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5 days ago


It was the Clinical Coach Congress at CAW this week
What a lovely group of nurses who are building the RVNs of the future
Alison spent time with them and shared this really interesting HBR infographic
It’s all about how it is so important to connect with warmth before we can lead
This is so important for our clinical coaches
They are Learning Leaders and role models for all of our future colleagues
Worth a look
Feel free to share and use in a meeting
We need warmth to facilitate trust and communicate messages, whether with colleagues or clients
Applies to all of us
#embrace #engage #educate #inspire #lead
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5 days ago


Happy First day of Spring 😀 ... See MoreSee Less

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6 days ago


Welcome to Tuesday
This popped up from 7 years ago, Shamii cat as a kitten
Amazing to see how much he has changed
This was after a trip to the vets
What do you think he was thinking 7 years ago?
#cattitude #shamii
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#MondayMorning meeting and munchies
Regular 30 minute team catch up helps keep everyone on the same page and on track
Make time and space to connect #Team

The power of practise
#practise #practise #practise
So relevant for Vet Sector
We get better at stuff when we practise
#OneVetTeam #reception #nurse #vet #manager
Learning skills needs constant #Train #measure #manage #inspire

Got to be worth a go @Number10cat #cats #rule #LarrytheCat

@OnswitchLtd stand my ground.not take my bosses words to heart. Understand that you can’t please everyone. Appreciate that the onus is not fully on the vet-clients have a role in these things. Realise that the way my practice dealt with it is not the way others would. Find better support.

Great reflections 👍 if only we can get this into new grads for day 1 it would be great and if only we can get this into practice owners too so they help the day 1 grad #welldone

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