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Cx Congress 2019

When: Friday 14th and Saturday 15th June 2019

Where: De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre, NG7 2RJ

Who: Anyone involved in customer care – reception, nurses, managers and vets

Why: The Customer Experience Matters


2 days ago


Fascinating piece in Retail Week
6 new rules for retailers, if these are true for them why not vet care?
We share the same customers
The folks who buy groceries, clothes, TVs,holidays cars are the same folks who have patients who need vets
So worth a look
What do you reckon?

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2 days ago


Welcome to Monday and today’s motivational moment is inspired by a little shop that sells vacuum cleaners

Whilst wandering around the lovely town of Stamford we stumbled across this gem of a window

Bizarre and random and fascinating
A collection of vacuum cleaners
How this shop stays in business is another debate, but the window stopped us all and we spent a fair bit of time looking chatting and discussing cleaners over the years !
So it made us think about how you make an everyday product interesting when you can get a cleaner anywhere online or in a big store

Made us think about vet care
There are many choices
There are many vets
There are many options for everyday care and products eg food fleas worms etc
So how do you stop folks and help them talk about your product or service?

Your “shop window” is both real and online
So what do you do to help folks “stop and look “ at you when they stumble across you?

One to ponder this week
Heatwave is on its way so a good time to share messages about dogs in hot cars
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2 days ago


Alison has received the advance speaker Information from the New Zealand Vet Association about the The World Vet Association meeting next year
So if you are planning CPD then take a look at this meeting
Great equine sessions from Chris Pearce from Equine Dental Clinic we have spotted too
Lovely logo and the meaning behind the 3 fern fronds
All about animals, people and the environment
Looks like a great meeting
April 6-8th 2020
#CPD #OneVetTeam
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3 days ago


Happy Sunday! ☀️☀️

Time for our Mystery Shopping Highlight of The Week (AKA. #MSHOTW)

Ring ring (7rings)

P: Good Afternoon, XXX Veterinary Hospital, XXXX Speaking, How can I help?
C: Hi, Yes I’m just wondering if you can help, my friends mentioned that dogs needs to be, is it microchipped, by law now.
P: Yes they do, from April last year.
C: ohh dear, can I find out how much it costs please to get my dog done?
P: Yeah, certainly, are you a registered client with us at the moment?
C: No, I’ve not been to you before.
P: Yeah, that’s fine, we can always set you up on the system, that’s fine. Umm, what type of dog is it that you want microchipping?
C: I’ve got a Labrador
P: A young Labrador or and old Labrador?
C: He is quite a few years old.
P: That’s the thing we finding at the moment, a lot of people haven’t had their dogs microchipped, because the new law came in to place. I don’t know whether it’s this April or last April buy yeah, its certainly is one April anyway, but yeah it does certainly need to be done. It can be done by a vet if you come in to the surgery, it’s a short consultation and yeah, the vet will give your dog a full health check at the same time.
C: Right.
P: The cost of that, you wont have a, let me just have a look a look on the thing how much it would be, umm… (pause for a couple of seconds) £XX.XX for the id chip, and you shouldn’t have an additional consultation fee on top its just for the id chip.
C: ohh brilliant.
P: We can do all the paperwork here for you as well, and it’s all done, registered online with the national database, so reception will sort out logging all that information for you and you will just have a form to fill in at the time. Okay?
C: Right, okay.
P: All right, do you want me to make you an appointment to book you in as early as this afternoon?
C: obviously I do need to get this done now, but can I just get back to you if that’s okay?
P: yeah, no worries.
C: yeah, that will be next week or the week after now, but yeah I’ll ring you back.
P: Yeah, that’s absolutely fine, we are open until well… our last consults is about half seven in the evening and we are open on Saturdays as well if that works better for you.
C: okay, yeah no that’s great.
P: All right.
C: Thank you very much.
P: Okay, no problem, take care, bye.
C: Bye.

What are you thoughts?
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Now is a really good time to be different and do your own thing
July 17th “Open your own practice” day at HQ is a good one if you are just wondering what to do #OneVetTeam.
Baby friendly space too so bring the family
Only 8 folks each day

It’s great and so meaningful
We are all connected and it’s important to focus on these links
#OneVetTeam #SmallVetWorld

.@EdinburghUni is carrying out vital work with @ScottishSPCA @DogsTrust @TheLinksGroup to identify Vets' 'Experiences of Non-Accidental Injuries & Abuse in Companion Animals.' Help us share the survey here: https://t.co/vd5PwYpS0B … #AnimalAbuse

Onswitch garden looking fab
#Gardening really is a useful antidote to life

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