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13 hours ago


Welcome to Tuesday and a catch up with #Shamii cat
We lost him ....
Then we found him ....snoozing in a down jacket
What’s he saying today ?
#Shamii #cats
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2 days ago


Welcome to Monday and today’s #MMSO aka the Monday Morning Switch On
Today we are inspired by the fab students that Alison met in Utrecht last week
They gave Alison a gift and it was beautifully wrapped ...so it made us think about presentation and the impact it has on folks
Your #MMSO task today is to review all the materials you give your clients , pre op ,post op, information packs,bags ...essentially anything they take home
Is it well put together?
Are there wonky photocopies in there?
Black and white printed with ink running out?
Is it on Brand?
Would you post it on here for us to score out of 10?
So your #MMSO task this week is review and then make better
Make it better and good enough to share on here
Have a great week #MMSO #cx
Post a pic for scoring and comment too 👍
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2 days ago


Keep Christmas in December
Tooooooooooooo early to be thinking about it
Happy Sunday in September
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3 days ago


Today’s Business update comes from an in flight magazine
It talks about how the large hotel chains are responding to AirBnb
The larger hotels are losing room sales to the Gig Economy eg AirBnb
So their response is to understand why people like AirBnb and to join in with the “freedom and local authentic experience” whilst travelling
So an intriguing example of big business listening to customers and then changing what they do rather than “selling harder and more loudly” to the same customers
Makes us think about what the tipping point is, or has been, for the Vet profession
The customer has clear needs and wants for their animals ... does the Vet sector hear them, respond and change?
One to ponder this weekend
#CustomerExperience #cx
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4 days ago


Interesting question from Emma about the amount of marketing received by the practice
What do you think?
What is your preference?
Over to you ....looking forward to your thoughtsTwo day’s worth of marketing for London Vet Show. Wish we’d kept everything they’ve sent over the last year. What does everyone else think about this amount of paper being used? It puts me off the Congress
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Onswitch HQ has some electrical work going on till mid morning so no power
Amazing how everything needs power just don’t realise how important electricity is #power #phones #internet #life

So true #FrontDeskSuperstar
Do you know someone like this?
If so join us at congress #CX

Great news @TreasuryMog has been found
Great start to the week 👍

Over the years of listening to owners trend is clear, many have segmented Vet Care eg Vets do AB and C others do XYAnd Z
In a world of multi channel access Vet products are not just Vets domain anymore eg Only 3 % of pet food bought through vet Just not seen as vet role #CX

https://t.co/uWmcGd5jxI #MMSO aka Monday Morning Switch On
Inspired by Utrecht students Have a read Are your practice materials good enough? #cx

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