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During Covid-19 all our training courses are available remotely.


Great people are your best asset – our acclaimed hands-on, one-day courses will help everyone in the team fulfil their potential and deliver an excellent customer experience every time.

During Covid-19 all our training courses are available remotely.


You rely on data and evidence to optimise outcomes for your patients – they are just as vital when managing your business. Our powerful reporting tools help you set meaningful benchmarks and track progress.


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Cx Congress 2020

When: Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June 2020

Where: De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre, NG7 2RJ

Who: Anyone involved in customer care – reception, nurses, managers and vets

Why: The Customer Experience Matters


26 minutes ago


#VetBB June 6th
So it’s the weekend and as we head into lockdown week 12 many practices are opening up more services and seeing more caseload
With teams coming back, juggling new roles and ways of working, time has become the most precious commodity
How do we best use time?
Whose time is best used for the new tasks we now have?
How do we make best use of the Team time we have?
When time is so precious and there are so many new things to adapt to how do we do that?

Today’s #VetBB is all about taking time to manage time, so we can make best use of the time we have


Take a Time Out

With new processes to accommodate and new steps in the pre consult and post consult period we must plan these

Take time now to save time later

Map each step
What needs done?
Who is best places to do it?
What steps are duplicated?
What steps are unnecessary?
What can we automate?
What can be digital?
Be creative and challenging

If you need help just give us a call, there is time to save in all steps and an independent view often helps


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1 day ago


#VetBB June 5th
So far we have looked at a TopTip in each of the Balanced Score Card quadrants:

Operational effectiveness

So today’s #VetBB is to establish your own BSC
You will have lots of data for the financial section and very little for the others !
So your task today is to get any data you have on Customer, Team and Operational Effectiveness into 3 “piles”
Once you have collected all and any data you have about these sections, You will see you have a few gaps

The Finance section you will have:
management accounts
Daily data

You will see that you have lots of finance data

The BSC approach drives you to have the same level of insight and input for the other 3 sections

So your task today is get all your data together so that you have a bigger picture

It’s not all about finance!

FINANCE KPIs are what you have after TEAMs have cared for CUSTOMERS and their patients in your OPERATIONALLY EFFECTIVE practice system

Good luck this task will be very worthwhile as we plan for the Post Covid era

If you need help please ask


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2 days ago


#VetBB June 4th
Today’s #VetBB is all about the revenue cycle.

Over the last few weeks it has become clear that as revenue dropped and many costs stayed the same the managing of people costs and cost of goods was key to making the best of the situation

What also became very clear is that many team members didn’t know what “normal” revenue cycle looked like it had ever seen the practice data.

So today’s TopTip is all about increasing awareness and understanding of the practices revenue cycle
So take your management accounts and create charts of the key costs:

Cost of goods - anything that arrives in a box eg drugs and goes out in a box eg lab samples and crematroria
Cost of people - Vets
Cost of people - Customer Care RVN and Management
Cost of business - the fixed overhead you just have to pay
Net profit

So you have each as a % of Net Revenue eg ex Tax :

Show this for same time last year
With this clearer understanding of the size of fixed costs and the nature of variable cost eg drug ( more work more drug, less work less drug) you can have a good debate about the importance of lost charges, lost inventory, missed charged, free stuff, people costs and costs in general

So with this grounding teams will understand how they can make a few changes to improve the %

We have some big decisions to make and teams have many of the answers

1.Share data
2.Show costs
3.Shows cost breakdown
4.Be clear about NOW Vs last year same months

Clear & open finance communication really helps teams engage with changes that are inevitable

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3 days ago


#VetBB June 3rd
Hello to you all on day 3 of your Vet Bounce Back top tips
So far we have looked at TEAM and CUSTOMER top tips
Each of the #VetBB tips is from the Balanced Score Card- BSC- approach to running any business

The BSC is a way to run a business by making you look at the four key areas:
Operational Effectiveness

It drives balanced thinking and makes you measure and manage KPIs in each of the 4 sections.

So it prevents blind spots and makes managers focus on the total business not just finance eg revenue which is where most folks spend their time!!

Revenue is a consequence of activity and activity is paid for by customers and delivered by teams

So we must see all 4 sections and dedicate time, energy, resources and investment into each of the 4 sections.
So each of the #VetBB tips will come for each section
Today is Operational effectiveness

Dig out the data from last March Through September
Plot the number of key tasks you did eg NUMBERS of consults, vaccines, dentals, ops, images lab etc

Chart them so you can see what you did last year
Then compare to March through May this year
Note the pattern of activity not revenue
What did you spend TIME doing?
Share this with the team

Show what a typical month looks like for a workload perspective
Talk about activity not revenue
We need to plan for how many Bounce Back vaccines ? Ops? Neuters? Dentals?
On top of Summer activity we can safely predict

Last year will be helpful to show what is coming in summer through autumn
It will also show where the activity had disappeared in COVID
So today is to create some charts / images from last years activity data and share with the team

The team do the activity, they need to know what’s coming
How many tasks are on the back log list?
Share this info as it will help with those tough decisions and communication.
Measure activity not revenue
Revenue follows activity
Do the tasks
Charge for them
Revenue follows
Potatoes for attention!
And a course if it helps www.onswitch.co.uk/training/the-boardroom/
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4 days ago


#VetBB Top tip for the day
( VetBB = Vet Bounce Back )
The second #VetBB tip is all about your local community, clients and potential clients
As you change what you do and offer more services give the clients an update

Show them what will happen if they need you.
Update about the missed vaccines, neuters, dentals and planned non urgent ops.
Explain what your plan is to catch up with the backlog.

You can do videos, emails ,texts ,web info and don’t forget for some clients a phone call to update them will work best as some will be outside of digital connections

So today is all about your client community.

Thank them for understanding the changes you have had to make
Outline your plan for the next 3 months
Update them on the back log catch up
Reassure them you are clean, safe and there for them

So your #VetBB today is all about client updates
(Broad beans for attention)
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stunning to see thousands of protestors laying down on the bridge with their hands behind their backs.

this may be the largest, most diverse movement in american history. #BlackLivesMatter

#VetBB aka Vet Bounce Back
Top Tips
Each day we will post a #VetBB tip
Today is all about TEAM
Hold a team meeting explain what’s going on & do 1:1 s with TEAM they are tired worried & need an update
Be open, honest & clear, what does next 3 months look like
Share your plan

Watching consults via video 🇦🇺#ConsultCoach
Feedback 1:1 for clinicians perfect CPD
Vet leaves room 5 minutes
Child asks parent where’s vet gone
Mum “I dont know where .. or why..”
Critical client knows where you have gone & why!
1:1 coaching
#7Steps #ConsultationSkills #CX

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