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In a nut shell, the Onswitch Team work with people like you in many countries around the world, to Train, Measure, Manage and Inspire teams to deliver a great customer experience.

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Great people are your best asset – our acclaimed hands-on, one-day courses will help everyone in the team fulfil his / her potential and deliver an excellent customer experience every time.


You rely on data and evidence to optimise outcomes for your patients – they are just as vital when managing your business. Our powerful reporting tools help you set meaningful benchmarks and track progress.


Most business find that keeping people and processes on track requires consistent focus. Thanks to our extensive experience working with all sorts of businesses and brands, we have all the tools and insight you need!


When it comes to delivering an excellent customer experience, understanding exactly what your customers really need is key. As a corporate partner of the Market Research Society and member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, we’ll get the answers quickly, accurately and cost effectively.


When you need someone to motivate your team to achieve great things, share insights from outside your own little bubble or impart words of wisdom, our people are some of the best. (Of course we would say that, but we get invited back time and time again, which we think says it all!)

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Most business owners know that with so many decisions to make, it’s vital that you make the right ones for the right reasons. Our team are highly experienced in running and setting up practices, so we can hold your hand as long, and as tightly, as you’d like.

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Our clients tell us that thanks to our wide network of contacts and experience, our team are well placed to give an honest, considered appraisal of your plans. There’s no agenda, just a genuine will to help you achieve your goals.


How your practice looks and feels speaks volumes to potential clients – our creative team will help give your brand a compelling identity, and your business a powerful voice.

Cx Congress 2020

When: Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June 2019

Where: De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre, NG7 2RJ

Who: Anyone involved in customer care – reception, nurses, managers and vets

Why: The Customer Experience Matters


19 hours ago


Good morning and good evening
We speak to a lot of folks all over the world, so wherever you are hello 👍
Sometimes you ponder life and wonder how to deal with frustrating situations.

Get angry ?
Get even?
Fight back?

Or steer a steady course, do your thing, be values led and stay open and honest.
We love Michelle Obama’s “When they go low, we go high” phrase.
It helps to understand that it is OK to feel emotions.
What is more important is how we manifest our anger and frustration in our actions.

We all have irritations and frustrations.
Some of the irritations may well be speaking hurtful or plain dishonest words.


You influence people to change the world with your actions.
Words are cheap, actions speak much louder than words
Building our future by inspiring the next generation keeps us all focussed on actions and positivity. Great cakes too👍
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3 days ago


We've got a bonus Mystery Shopping Highlight of the Week today, this one is from one of our lovely practices in Australia 🇦🇺

As a leading Mystery Shopping provider in every market we operate in, Onswitch is registered with and recognised by a number of relevant quality assurance bodies. Onswitch operates across Australasia under MSPA Asia-Pacific guidelines.

This week we have a fab call made by one of our in-market Australian Mystery Shoppers.

P: Good afternoon, XXXXX Veterinary Hospital, XXXXX speaking, how many I help you?

C: Oh good afternoon, could you please help me for the price of a vaccination for my dog?

P: Sure! May I ask the name of your dog?

C: Its Scout!

P: Oh beautiful...and what breed is Scout?

C: He's a Jack Russell.

P: Oh lovely! Lovely, small and compact...okay, the vaccinations would include a health check with our vet. An adult vaccination starts at $XXX

C: Okay

P: When were you thinking of coming in?

C: I just need to finalise a date with my husband so we can pop in together, it's one of those things you know.

P: Certainly, can I take your details so when you call to book we will have Scouts details.

C: i will give you a call back as soon as we want to book in.

P: Ok, if you have any questions at any time do let us know - just to let you know we also have further information online, and you can also book in online.

C: Thank you

P: No problem, have a wonderful day!
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3 days ago


The Onswitch team have welcomed Jess and Laurene over the past two weeks.
Jess has been completing her #BEMS placement and doing an business audit on a lovely practice in Berkshire ☺️
Laurene has been analysing industry data and has some really interesting findings ☺️

Both Laurene and Jess have worked with us at Onswitch before so it’s nice to see them both return. Laurene even brought cake!

Lovely to have you both and best wishes for your final year 😊
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3 days ago


Happy Friday teams and welcome to the #MSHOTW ☺️

Let us know your thoughts on this call and any hacks you can share when handling similar enquiries.

P: Good afternoon XXX Vets XXX speaking how can I help?
C: Good afternoon, our cat is desperate to get out, and I’m thinking it might be a good time to start letting her out in the garden first and before we do so we think she should be spayed. Just wondering how much you charge please?
P: Yeah of course, how old is your cat at the moment?
C: She’s six months old now.
P: Oh perfect, six months is a good age to get them done anyway. For a cat spay… I’ll just get the price for you… cat spay, sorry… so for a cat spay it does come to £XXX we charge.
C: £XXX, right okay that’s fine.
P: Oh right sorry that’s the wrong price that’s for a castration that’s not the one we need. For the cat spay its £XXX my mistake sorry.
C: £XXX right got it, yes.
P: Did you want me to book that in or would you like to think about it?
C: Well I actually just need to check my commitments before I go ahead please.
P: No worries at all, okay.
C: Thank you.
P: Thank you bye.
C: Bye.
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3 days ago


Team Onswitch are delighted to be working with Adelaide Uni Vet Students and Dr Adele Feakes to deliver a business placement known as VEBE aka #BEMS
The programme is evolved from the UK #BEMS programme we have been running for Nottingham Vet School
It is so important that we grow our own capability and employers and business alike want business savvy colleague who “get “ the #CustomerExperience #CX and business and revenue cycle
These fabulous #FutureColleagues are great, we met them yesterday and had our first tutoring meeting and they are underway with the host practices in Queensland NSW So Thankyou to the practices for helping too 👍
It’s all about the Vet #CX and #GrowYourOwn colleagues #OneVetTeamFuture vets to gain key business and entrepreneurship skills with new elective launched by The University of Adelaide and industry partner Onswitch!

1 min read ➡️ buff.ly/31kllbM

📸 Dr Adele Feakes and Uni of Adelaide Sciences Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students Jenelle Payne, Nathaniel Smith, Danielle Ong + Jennifer Du
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Is anyone looking at this in Vet Care @RachDeanVet @LouiseCorah @AlisonPyatt @BritishVets @theRCVS

Global connections
Local teams
One big Vet world
We all can help change the world
#collaborative is one of our key ones none of us exist in isolation
Life is a team thing #people https://t.co/lxLbCyY3tk

Sometimes you feel anger,frustration and want to get your own back - it’s normal to feel emotions
@MichelleObama words are helpful and inspire us to stay focussed on doing stuff to help our world
...going low is not helping anyone https://t.co/OHCo3VEef5

Global connections
Local teams
One big Vet world
We all can help change the world
#collaborative is one of our key ones none of us exist in isolation
Life is a team thing #people

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