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Cx Congress 2020

When: Friday 12th and Saturday 35th June 2020

Where: De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre, NG7 2RJ

Who: Anyone involved in customer care – reception, nurses, managers and vets

Why: The Customer Experience Matters


20 hours ago


Welcome to Tuesday and #Shamii is sharing a bowl with his best friend Luna
Luna is 15 and a half and is a lovely old dog
#Shamii and Luna are very good friends
What is #Shamii thinking today?
#Cattitude #Shamii
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2 days ago


Welcome to Monday and today’s thought for the day is inspired by the medicines one of our elderly relatives are using, seen here in their medicines drawer
A recent house move and hence change of GP has led to a total change to the look of their medications
So for years they have got used to their medicine packs by colour
So when such a big change happens it make you wonder what impact on safety?
Yes the meds are the same, but the pack is different and our senior citizens don’t see too well or hear too well
So made us wonder about how we explain pack changes or drugs changes to our clients
Long term meds become a household routine and habit and end up in a drawer
So when something changes it disrupts the process and potentially impacts safety
So your project this week is to look at what you actually do when packaging changes.
Do you do anything?
How do you help folks get used to the new packs?
How do you support them?
Who speaks to them?
All simple tasks, but miss one and there is a big issue
#Cx #Communication #VetCX2020
Have a fab week
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2 days ago


Hellooooooo!! 🙂

Welcome to this weeks' Australian Mystery Shopping Highlight of the Week #MSHOTW. This weeks' call was from a practice in Brisbane.

P: Good afternoon, XXXXX Veterinary Clinic, this is XXXXX.

C: Hey, we've recently brought a new kitten, and I know we need to get her some vaccinations done. Could you let me know some more information on what she needs, and the prices?

P: Oh ok...lovely, I'll just put you on hold, I won't be a moment.

Two minutes later, we were still on hold...the caller hung up.

How would you improve this call so that the owner doesn't go to your competitor? What could have been done differently?
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5 days ago


Good Morning and welcome to the #MSHOTW.
Let us know your thoughts on this call and how we can be a supportive community to learn from on another and enhance the client experience we deliver on the phone!

P: Hello XXX vets XXX
C: Hi, I just wanted to get a price for the Kennel Cough vaccination please. The other vaccinations are up to date but we will be going away in about a months time and she will be going in to kennels and they said we need this.
P: Oh right yeah, so, its £XXX
C: Right £XXX... Okay, and thats a spray up the nose isn't it?
P: Yeah thats right, that the one.
C: Oh right, thank you... Okay well I will check when I can bring her in and call back to book in. Is that okay?
P: Yeah absolutely.
C: Okay thank you very much.
P: Thanks then, bye.
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Just so sad and crazy in an employment market with recruit and retain challenges too #manners #recruit #EmployerBrand

@OnswitchLtd This is so common (and in so many work fields). Terribly poor business practice (& manners). Very simple to at least have a standardised email/postcard to forward to each candidate at the acknowledgment & “sorry, your application was unsuccessful” stages.

@OnswitchLtd I recently sent CV in to one of the only independent practices around as had heard were going to advertise for RVN..used reception email... nothing Then advert appeared in VT with Vets personal email..sent to that ..heard nothing ...4 weeks now..I've been a nurse 27yrs ..rude!!

@OnswitchLtd I did qualitative research study on the transition to employment from veterinary training, and found that this practice - among others - was common. Lots of participants described multiple applications which were never acknowledged or replied to.

Such wise words
Common ground is key
#embrace #engage #empathise
Our language and attitudes can get in the way once we start judging people

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