Boost Pet Health Plan Subscriptions

Not everybody feels confident selling pet health plans to clients and as a result their benefits often go unpromoted. Pet health plans are most successful when they sit comfortably within your practice’s range of services, with their many benefits clearly visible to clients. Membership levels peak when the plans speak for themselves, without the hard sell that deters both your team and your clients from discussion. This practical one-day pet health plan training course embeds the confidence and skills required to successfully communicate plans with owners at the reception desk, online and in the consult room.

Effective and Convenient Health Plan Training

Health plans are great for owners and their pets, as well as being very good for business. Compliance rates with routine preventative care improve when clients are members of a plan that spreads the cost of care throughout the year, providing convenience and peace of mind. Onswitch recommend that practices target a minimum of 15% of active client pet health plan membership – this training course will help everyone in your team feel more confident in discussing plan benefits with clients.


Topics covered in the health plan training day include:

  • Why pet health plans are good for pets and their owners
  • What pet owners want from your practice to help them take care of their pets
  • When to talk about pet health plans
  • Key messages about plans and what to say at each of the customer touch points:
    • Online
    • On the phone
    • At the reception desk
    • In the consult room
    • In practice materials

Recommending Pet Health Plans

The benefits of plans should be reiterated to owners in client conversations with receptionists, nurses and vets, although it is important that the discussion is clearly focused on providing best care for the pet alongside convenience for the client – it should never feel like a hard sell or be shoehorned awkwardly in at an inopportune time. With the right vet health plan training your team will soon be confidently and naturally sharing the advantages of membership with clients and boosting plan take up.


Pet health plan training takes place onboard Bertha bus, Onswitch’s custom-fitted mobile training venue. The course runs from 10am to 4pm, with a hearty lunch and all the tea and coffee you can drink included. Bertha’s schedule takes her right around the UK every three months, so there is sure to be a date and a location that suits your team. However, in the unlikely event that you can’t find a convenient session, we can even bring Bertha to your practice for a bespoke private day with your team. Course content can be tailored to meet your specific training needs and focus on the unique challenges and opportunities that exist for your practice.


Every course attendee on the pet health plan training day will enjoy uniquely engaging and highly interactive training delivered by experienced and enthusiastic trainers who have all worked in veterinary practice themselves.


When you buy the #First4Tickets we can bring Bertha closer to your practice when we are in your area. This makes it easier for your team to get to their CPD day, but you will have to be quick as its only the first four tickets that gets this option!

To get #First4Tickets please call 01476 565 343 and speak with Carole or Danny in the Bertha Team.

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