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"Onswitch’s 7 steps program is a masterpiece. If you’ve ever had trouble finding your feet in a consult, this day will give you a road map for dealing with clients. Whether you’re a new grad or an experienced hand, I believe you’ll find something to learn from the day. Bridget is an enthusiastic trainer and will help you establish a structure for your consults and show you how you can promote best care, compassion, and indeed compliance when your clients are booked in for that precious 10 to 15 minutes we call a consult. After taking this course, you won’t dread facing clients – in fact, you won’t be able to wait for your next consult!” 

Mark Hedberg, College of Animal Welfare, Godmanchester

"Despite our many combined years in practice, like so many others in our profession, we never had any training to run a business, we simply had to learn on the job. We asked Onswitch to look at every area of our business and recommend where processes could be streamlined, where savings could be made and how we might market ourselves in an age where social media and online recommendations are key. The 45-page fixer report was a thorough and honest analysis of our weak and strong points and of the way our clients see us. It included a mass of ideas for practice improvement, encompassing presentation, marketing, internal processes, consulting skills, etc. We won't change the fundamental essence of Watkins and Tasker, which our clients know and love, but we will be able to manage the business more effectively, saving both time and money, and attracting new clients in the process. For us, The Fixer has been an essential investment in our practice's future, which we feel looks very positive!"

Watkins and Tasker, Portishead

"I spoke to Onswitch to get a different perspective. Kristie spent a day in practice, observing consultations, going through all our processes and marketing materials and reviewing our set-up. She then commissioned a whole raft of research to understand what local pet owners and pet care businesses think about us, as well as setting up Call Coaching reports and going through our books to find opportunities for making efficiency savings. We've now been able to set a realistic business plan for further growth at Molly & Max, and I feel so much more confident that we're now making decisions based on facts and data, rather than gut feel and judgement. The Fixer has been brilliant for us - a really worthwhile investment."

Ella Massy-Greene owner of Molly & Max in southwest London

Verity loves us so much, she had to tell us twice!!!

"We wanted some fresh eyes to really take a hard look at every aspect of our business, and that's exactly what the Fixer process does, with a range of in-depth research and a detailed business audit looking at team structure and dynamics, client communications, operational effectiveness and practice finances.

One of our key learnings was that we could benefit from engaging more with our local Key Opinion Leaders, showing these influential people just what we do, and how we do it with a Sandhole difference. It's been really worthwhile, because we're starting to get clients coming to register with us after being recommended by these businesses.

The Fixer also highlighted some gaps in our financial knowledge, and as a direct result we have now taken on a firm of specialist veterinary accountants who can help us improve profitability. We wanted to make sure that our team dynamics really work, so we've spent some time looking at everyone's skill sets and ensuring that their roles and responsibilities reflect personal strengths, whilst still stretching individuals beyond their comfort zones.

We are serious about making Sandhole the very best practice it can be, which is why we felt passionately about getting the experts in each field to help us. And, in our eyes, Onswitch certainly are the best people to work with. The Fixer process really lets you get to grips with the workings of your practice, in a way that makes sense to us clinical folk!"

and again in 2014

"I just wanted to write to say a HUGE thanks to Kristie, Andy, Bertha and the Onswitch team for yet another fabulous training day. We started the Onswitch approach and training about eighteen months ago and haven't looked back. Westarted with the reception 5 steps and this has really made an impact for the business both in terms of customer satisfaction and new client registrations. We signed up to the regular mystery shopping calls so that we can constantly monitor how we are doing and look for further improvements. What gets measured gets done!

Our private day last week with the 7 Steps Consult Skills was a real eye opener. The team have all been recruited for their communication and loveliness factors so they are great already (I know I am biased!!) But, Kristie gave the whole vet and nurse team so many great tips and a clear structure to follow that will further improve the customer experience. I will be heading into the consult rooms soon to review how they are doing and give feedback and I am sure our net promoter score will go up yet again!"

Verity Page, practice manager at Sandhole Veterinary Centre, 2013

"Getting the whole team together for training is pretty impossible - or so we thought until we met Bertha! By bringing the venue and the trainer right to our practice, everyone was able to find a couple of hours in their days to go on board. And because we all heard and did the same things, we all 'get' exactly what we need to do to ensure that all our clients have an amazing customer experience at AlbaVet.

We were also able to get a grant towards the cost of our training, I'd recommend that anyone in Scotland checks this out too.

It has been so valuable to engage the whole team in our vision for our practice, and to all learn the same techniques for delivering exceptional care. We know that we'll be seeing the benefits for a long time to come. Thank you so much Onswitch."

Wayne and Ruth Gray of AlbaVet in Glasgow

"Bertha came to our hospital for a day, and the whole team are still buzzing and energised. Receptionists, admin staff and nurses all went aboard in shifts to learn about the key steps to 'fill our funnel' with new clients. There were smiles all round as our team had a great time whilst learning lots - already the team is putting what they've learnt into practise and they loved the course.
Debbie delivered a great day of hands-on training which really got the team thinking about the simple things we can all do differently for some big results.

Without Bertha parking up on our doorstep we would have struggled to provide training for the whole team without closing for the day and paying for hotels and travel. Suddenly the cost starts to deliver really great value for money, especially when we think of all the new, loyal clients we're going to be attracting!

If you're even thinking about booking Bertha, just do it - you won't regret it.

Top Banana, Onswitch!"

Colin Whiting at Penmellyn Vets in St Columb

Jamie Allen, practice owner and head vet at the Newport six-practice group, was very clear what he didn't want from a consultancy business! He spent lots of time and effort looking at all the options available to him in recommending next steps for his practices, ranging from value-added reports from current suppliers, to independent business consultants both inside and outside the veterinary profession.

Jamie explains what brought him to Onswitch. "Some of the drug companies offered advice and help with business management and practice development, but I was concerned that the real honesty I wanted would not be possible in an existing commercial partnership. Equally, I wondered whether they would have the required resources to assess and implement actions and solutions. I was really impressed with Onswitch's approach - there's no messing about with politics, if something needs addressing, they'll tell you. And more importantly, they will help you do it if you need them to. The Summerhill group underwent a Fixer, during which Onswitch researched local pet owners, competitors and pet care businesses, as well as looking in great detail at our processes and practice communications. As a result they were able to make a number of clear recommendations, which we have taken on board. We now have all our sites on the monthly Call Coaching programme so that we can measure the performance of our customer care team and identify where future focus is best placed.

Our partnership with Onswitch has already proved very beneficial, and I'm looking forward to making further improvements with each site's practice team with Onswitch's continued support."

Jamie Allen, Practice Owner, Summerhill Veterinary Group


"The WSAVA Every Pet Every Time initiative has the potential to make a huge impact on animal welfare and veterinary client care in the UK and Ireland.  Working with Onswitch, we took a very serious message and delivered a fun and interactive workshop series which bought the whole initiative to life for vets and nurses from practice.  Onswitch were a delight to work with, full of great ideas and their expertise in consumer insights played a huge part in making the roadshow the success it was."

Tim Dobbins, Hills Pet Nutrition


"Having already encouraged our customer care team to hone their skills on board Bertha, I decided to undergo consult skills training - after all, the Willow ethos involves a team approach to providing our clients with the very best service at all times.  The practical tips imparted help myself, our clinicians and the customer care team provide a consistently excellent service, every day.  Whether we're looking for innovative, effective training, client insights or eye-catching marketing materials, we know that we can always rely on the Onswitch team to help us stay at the top of our game."

Rob Johnstone, Willow Vets


"The Onswitch team are delivering really excellent training and support, it is worth every penny and Onswitch are such lovely people to work with."

Ian Stroud, Vet4Life


"The Onswitch Index has provided some really essential focus for us and has proved to be a vital management tool for the practice.  We now measure regularly how we're doing and we have a system in place for highlighting when and how further improvements can be made.  It's easy to think you're doing everything well, but there's always room for being that bit better.  In fact, with pet owners rightly raising their expectations of the service they receive from us, it's essential that every practice strives to be that bit better.  The detailed feedback really helps us focus on the small things that make a big difference and we feel that the benefits far outweigh the relatively low cost investment."

Carol Clarke, Mill House Vet Hospital


"We are on the Onswitch Index and it plays a key part in the maintenance of our brand standards at Crown & Kessock.  Through it, we ensure that our customer care delivery continues to meet or exceed our own exacting high standards, as without this feedback loop, we undoubtedly would slip.  I honestly feel that the Onswitch Index is part of the reason we have had a brilliant couple of years."

Darren Mackintosh Crown & Kessock


The Onswitch experience has been eye opening, Alison and her team have been able to show us how our clients perceive the Practice, providing a view point that my staff and I would never be able to  see with our clinical background.  It will allow us to present our core values to new clients in a way they will understand and appreciate.

I am hugely grateful to the Onswitch team."

Paul Calway Oakmount Vets


Through a series of 14 Summer seminars, Onswitch has helped Merial deliver vital practice management techniques to over three hundred veterinary practitioners.

“Feedback from all the events was overwhelmingly positive, with delegates returning to their practices with a new understanding of the areas where a little focus can really make a big difference: staff morale, training, client care and profitability. The Practice+ programme was a huge logistical challenge, but everyone at Onswitch just took it in their stride and delivered an enjoyable, insightful and hugely successful series of seminars.”
Elizabeth Fox Practice+


“The telephone challenge has had the huge impact on our practice I was hoping for. I hadn’t realised where we were doing well, and what not so well, till we heard the actual calls – it really prompted the partners to act! I would say that taking the telephone challenge is essential for every practice, you do not know till you hear for yourself!”

Rita Dingwall, Cinque Port Vets


"I've been totally sceptical of all the mamby pamby management speak stuff for years, relying on common sense & judicious use of carrot & stick to try and get the customer care right. But time pressures meant that it slipped down our priority list. The mystery shopper calls convinced me that improvements could be made. The team at Onswitch organised a training day and we are now working together to ensure we provide the sort of care I aspire to and I know the team can deliver - but releasing me to do the clinical work I love."

Bob Partridge, Oak Beck Veterinary Hospital


‘We realised that we couldn’t expect to just second guess what our clients really wanted, and we knew that if we asked them ourselves the feedback might not be as honest and forthright as we wanted! So we worked with Rebecca Davies at Onswitch, and she certainly got to the bottom of what we needed to do.’
As Ruth says: ‘Thanks to Onswitch’s insight, consultation numbers are up, our profitability is improving further, and we are now developing a comprehensive practice marketing campaign – I can’t recommend Onswitch enough’.

Ruth Mackay, Rowan Veterinary Centre


Firstly a big Thank You to you and Alison for an excellent day’s training. The training was first class. We were delighted at our staff’s enthusiasm for it - once they got over any initial nerves. More importantly, we have been impressed with the general performance of the staff as a whole since then.

Mike Hall, Braid Veterinary Hospital


‘We spoke to Alison and Heather about our objectives, and they set up our first ever Strategy Day. With the whole team together in one place, and armed with staff and client feedback, we were able to distil out our core practice philosophy for the first time. Heather guided us through developing a set of Feldon brand promises, drew up a scorecard for business management and showed us how to formulate a challenging, yet achievable, three year plan.

As a result we now have a real team vision and an understanding of the role each of us plays in the success of the practice. It has been a very successful exercise, and one which will be instrumental in our future practice development.’

Sheona Alemi. Feldon Veterinary Centre


‘Our practice had already been Mystery Shopped, and the feedback showed us that we could improve our telephone skills further. I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to do something, you do it right, and for me, the benefits of using Onswitch were clear.’
‘Not only do they have credibility across both small animal and equine business, but they also gave us access to the expertise of their whole team: Heather handled all the daily contact, Les and Jenny brought the audio visual wizardry needed for the training days, whilst Carol made everything happen at the right time in the right place.’

Rita Dingwall, Cinque Port Vets


‘Alison and the team looked at development needs identified in a previous customer survey, then conducted in-depth interviews with randomly selected clients regarding their recent customer experience.
Onswitch have also developed an online customer satisfaction questionnaire and a postal response card that they will administer for us. This means that every month we are on top of any issues or trends that may need attention, keeping our clients happy and our staff motivated.’

David Fennell, Cromwell Vets, Huntingdon


‘Being predominantly a referral practice, our main communications needed to be with other vets, but we also wanted to hold an open day for local pet owners. Pete, Heather and the Onswitch team not only redesigned and launched our website but organised an open day for our colleagues and designed and implemented an associated mailing. We have been able to adapt the material for the client open day, which will reinforce our new branding. We have had excellent feedback and a significant increase in traffic, and Onswitch took care of the marketing and project management, we could carry on doing what we do best – be vets.’

Alison and Andrew Robinson, Dovecote Veterinary Hospital


‘Alison and the Onswitch team have really made my vision for the practice come alive. They managed the whole branding and communication campaign – from developing the name and logo, to organising the website and client literature, and overseeing the successful launch BBQ’

Marwan Tarazi, Nuvet, Peterborough

‘Onswitch have really helped us to focus on client care and marketing at a time when this is more important than ever to veterinary practices. Onswitch have a structured, but flexible, approach which is great both for a pro-active team approach as well as for problem-solving.’

Caroline Bower, Veterinary Hospital Group, Plymouth
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