Inspiring Change...

Picture of a purple lead with the dog chain shaped as a heartWays of Working

The onswitch way of working is based on honesty and commercial results. We work well with folks who can make decisions and act upon findings. The Onswitch way is to direct change and business growth by doing what is needed, not what is easy and quick – so if you like to paper over the cracks in your business we probably won’t get on!

Our research shows us that where we can work with a focussed decision maker not a committee we succeed, we need to be able to deliver your return on investment, but to do that we need you to commit to making decisions and acting upon findings you have paid for – simple really.

A project team will consist of a business consultant, a training consultant and an office team member (and accounts of course, they always chase us and you).

We all have different roles and as such we work as a team unit to deliver your needs.

Inspiring Change.....

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