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Want to be top dog in your town?
Welcome to Town Track

Every week we call all the practices in a chosen town. Our researchers are all pet owners, and ask questions as potential clients. We then record and analyse the data, highlighting local trends and anomalies in practice behaviour, as well as ranking practices in the area according to the standards of customer care delivered.

We then feature key highlights every Thursday on our Facebook page (  

When we come to your town, we'll be calling you.

The first you'll know about it is when you're sent a postcard showing the percentage of practices in your town that offered callers an appointment.

At that point, you're probably going to want to ensure that your own service levels are higher than your competitors - after all, who wants to be average? Or worse?

If so, we've got two extremely cost-effective options for you:

1)  Find out exactly how your practice measures up against local competitors when you sign up to the detailed Onswitch Index.

2)  Ensure that your customer care team are delivering the very highest standards of care with a hands-on one-day training course; '5 steps' training on Bertha, our training bus.

To find out more about Town Track:

Call us 01476 565343

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