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Market Research

Onswitch Market research really helps you make decisions, because we understand the market place whatever you need to find out we will be able to recommend the best way to get to the heart of the situation. We are often described as experts in the field. We use the most appropriate methodology but get to the point, Onswitch provides Market Research to drive business results not just provide you with lots of statistics.

Picture of Goldfish looking like they are having a meetingIf we haven’t got the information you need, we know exactly how and where to get it. We are Market Research Society company partner and members of Mystery Shopping Providers Association. And our Managing Director, Alison Lambert, is a guest lecturer on consumer understanding at Nottingham University. We have access to a country-wide panel of vets, vet nurses, pet owners, farmers and equestrian professionals, so we can quickly get right to the heart of your issue by talking to real consumers and your customers, wherever they are. Qualitative or quantitative, group discussions or individual investigation, rolling research programmes or one-off debate, we’ll get you results quickly and cost effectively.

Vox Pop

In a busy practice, it’s all too easy to do things the way you’ve always done them.
But how do you know that your clients like what you’re doing?
How would they sum up your practice in three words:

high quality care?
or expensive, rude staff?

There’s one sure way to find out:
Vox Pop, from Onswitch

How does it work?

We’ll interview your target clients (be they pet owners, horse lovers, ferret fanciers or poultry people) on the streets of your town, and ask them what they think of you and your competition. Simple as that.

Why do I need to do it?

It’s the only way to find out what you’re doing well, and what you could be doing a whole lot better. If your clients have a problem, chances are they won’t tell you, they’ll just go elsewhere and you won’t know why. So if we find that you have an undeserved reputation for high prices, you’ll then be able to let potential clients know about the great value of your services with some well-placed marketing.

Boost your business with KOL Vox Pop

Pet and horse owners in your town use a vast range of local services and retailers to meet their animals' health care needs.

With regular visits to pet stores, groomers, catteries, rescue centres, farriers, behaviourists and dog walkers, almost certainly they will see more of these businesses in an average year than they do of you.

Most of these business owners will have their own pets, and their own favourite veterinary practice. They'll also have some pretty strong opinions about the practices they choose not to use, which they won't be shy about sharing with their clients. So, which group are you in?

Our extensive research tells us that increasingly pet owners are seeking advice from places other than their vet. We also know that many pet and horse owners ask these local businesses for recommendations about which practice to choose. Which is why they're known as Key Opinion Leaders. Or KOLs for short.

An Onswitch KOL Vox Pop will speak to all these local businesses to determine what they think they know about your practice, as well as others in your area. It will discover exactly what your practice's reputation is. Good or bad. With this knowledge we can then help you nurture mutually beneficial relationships with key local businesses, so that you can communicate your practice's strengths, benefits and unique services indirectly to many more potential clients.

Big Chat

Every year at the BVNA congress, Onswitch hosts the Big Chat. This is a great opportunity for brand owners and suppliers to find out how vet nurses communicate your products and brand values, as well as hearing their thoughts and suggestions for improvements. Talk to us about including your products in the questionnaire, floating new ideas or just canvassing honest opinion from the people who are the consumer face of your brand. No other company offers such an effective link to the hearts and minds of vet nurses.

Lucy Toombs from Companion Care Veterinary Surgery, Ashford – was the lucky winner of £100 Love to Shop Vouchers from our Big Chat competition.

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