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In business it can be all too easy to miss a gradual decline in performance, or to overlook a customer service issue that may be driving your clients away.
Our Call Coaching programme shows you how real consumers rate your business, on a wide range of key criteria – staff attitude, telephone manner, knowledge, advice & information given etc.

People don’t generally like to complain, but they’re quite happy to pass on their bad experiences to friends and family. If they’re not happy, they won’t tell you, they’ll just go somewhere else. So make sure you know exactly what they are thinking with our research programmes – there’s one for every budget.

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Onswitch Index

For equine and small animal practices

What is the Onswitch IndexTM?

Basically, it's a composite measure of customer experience, charting key parameters over time and comparing your business' performance with others locally, regionally or even nationally. When clients are happy, they tell their friends, which is why practices that provide excellent service are seeing double digit growth in turnover and new client registrations. The Onswitch IndexTM is simply the most accurate measure of your business' success in this crucial area of customer experience.

How does the Onswitch IndexTM work?

Every month we'll make 4 calls to your practice (after all, on average 90% of client contact points occur on the phone). You won't know when they are happening, or even that they have happened! A real owner will ring with a typical enquiry - 'How much are puppy vaccinations?' or 'Which wormer should I be using for my elderly horse?' for example. We then rate your team's performance in each of three key areas:

Minimum investment for maximum return

The Onswitch IndexTM report is produced to the exact timings and requirements of your practice, thus prices vary accordingly. A monthly report offers the best value for money, at just £130 + VAT each month (when you sign up for at least 10 months), equating to less than £5.50 a day. If you have specific questions you'd like us to ask, or areas to explore, we can tailor the report exactly to your requests. Each month you'll also be emailed a link so you can download your call recordings.  Your staff can then listen and learn from each other.

It's quick and easy to subscribe to the Onswitch IndexTM,

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Click on the links below to see examples of the reporting materials for the Onswitch Index

Single site poster

Group report (more than 10 sites)

National report (1st quarter)

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