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Footsteps the board game, The new route to enjoyable and effective CPD from Onswitch!

What is Footsteps?

It's a cost-effective way to train your whole team.

It's interactive CPD.

And it's a board game! A board game that takes you on a journey through your practice, as experienced by your clients.

The concept of Footsteps is simple - moving around the board on your 'customer journey', you collect clients (or lose them) depending on the kind of customer experience you provide - just like in real life. The number of clients collected determines the funds available for a second 'revenue journey' - this time players spend money at every throw of the dice, paying salaries, tax bills, mending equipment and funding bad debts.

What will we learn?

The game takes you through the four key stages of the customer journey:

1.      Getting noticed

2.      Filling your funnel

3.      Customer experience

4.      Word of mouth

Playing Footsteps unlocks insight into key concepts along the way, such as Key Opinion Leaders, Net Promoter Scores, social media and the 5 steps of great telephone customer care. The revenue game also explores just where all the money goes!

All the figures and scenarios used in Footsteps have been developed to mirror daily life at an 'average' practice, with four full time equivalent vets. Reflecting reality, the journey is circular - there is no end to the process, as clients will return in future and bring in new ones through recommendation.

How much does it cost?

The brilliant thing about Footsteps is that for a one-off cost, you'll have the game to use as many times as you need, which means that when new starters join, the team can play together - it's an excellent way to forge bonds and share knowledge quickly and meaningfully.

You'll also be able to access an instructional video online, and train your whole team for just £195 +VAT.

To see how the game works, and take a look at the kind of things you'll learn when you play Footsteps, click [here] and visit our You Tube Channel where you will find lots of Footsteps instructional videos. And if you'd like to place an order (thank you!), then please click the Pay Pal button below or to pay by credit/debit card call us on 01476 565343 or email us as

(Price includes VAT)


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