Inspiring Change...

Fix up, and look sharp, with the Onswitch Fixer

Has your practice lost its edge in these competitive times?

Are more and more practices opening in your town?

The Fixer, from Onswitch gives you all the insight you'll need to exceed the expectations of the pet and horse owners around you. We won't mince our words, but we'll be fair and realistic. If everything's just fantastic already, we'll tell you, just as we'll show you where things might not be so great.

The Onswitch Fixer gives you all this:

1.     We’ll spend half a day with you, observing consultations, looking at your business plan, talking to your team, reviewing your client materials and bringing some fresh eyes to look at your business.

2.     To get a handle on your customer service provision, we’ll carry out an audit of your online and social media presence

3.     We'll organise telephone mystery shopping at both your practice and your key competitors.

4.     Then we'll take to the streets of your local town and speak with pet or horse owners who are already using you, as well as those that aren't. That way you'll really find out what your practice reputation is, good or bad!

5.     We'll also call a wide range of local pet care businesses and ask for their recommendations and comments, both for you and your competitors.

6.     Oh, and we'll collect feedback from your team too, through an online questionnaire that features 12 key questions to measure the degree of employee engagement.

Once all that's done, you'll have a comprehensive report on the health of your practice, where we'll discuss all the implications and suggest recommendations to help fix any issues that may have been highlighted. If you want, we'll roll up our sleeves and help you address these, in as much or as little depth as you need.

The comprehensive Fixer package costs £4999 +VAT - which we're confident will save you money in the medium term, making a Fix a wise investment in your practice's future.

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